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Unlock Business Success On Your Terms 

Month 1 Focus:
Finding The Customers 
Who Have 
Your Problem

How It Works:

In the first month of your journey, the focus will be laser-sharp on laying a solid foundation for your business idea. In this month, you'll go from a vague concept to a well-defined business model and how to target the right customers with a solution they truly need.

Week 1: Identifying Your Ideal Customers

With the help of Prelaunch Pilot's tools, outreach resources, and your dedicated launch director, you will dive deep into discovering who your ideal customers are through interviews with potential users of your product or service. Prepare to be enlightened, as you understand not just demographics but their behaviors, needs, and motivations. Say goodbye to casting too wide a net; now, you'll have a clear picture of who you should target first and why. The weekly check-ins will keep you focused and accountable.


Week 2: Pinpointing the Problem You're Solving

Next, you'll move on to articulating the specific problem your business will address. This process will involve in-depth market research and customer interviews facilitated by Prelaunch Pilot's tools and team. You'll be able to clearly state the pain points (or benefits) your service will alleviate (or gain) from your customer's perspectives and not your own, making your business proposition much more compelling to those who will use it.


Week 3: Showcasing Your Solution

The third week will be all about your solution. With guidance from your launch director, you will watch us and learn how to position your product as not just a viable solution but the best option for your target users. In many cases, you will even begin to get customers who want to purchase your product, sign up for preorders, or sign letters of intent to purchase your offer.  This step is about confidently communicating the unique benefits and features of what you offer. 


Week 4: Demonstrating Value to Customers

Finally, you'll focus on the value proposition. How much value does your solution provide and how much should you charge for it? Prelaunch Pilot's tools will help you quantify this value in terms of time saved, cost-effectiveness, and/or overall impact on your customer's life or business. This will be a game-changer in how you communicate with potential clients and investors.


Throughout this month, you'll be amazed at the progress you make with just a few logins each week and regular meetings with your launch director. The 21 tools and services provided by Prelaunch Pilot will be instrumental in your journey. They won't just be tools; they'll be catalysts for clarity, strategy, and action.

Month 2 Focus:
The Solution And The Value Proposition

As you continue your entrepreneurial journey with Prelaunch Pilot, the second month will mark a pivotal phase for you: The Solution and The Value Proposition. This is where your idea will start taking a tangible shape, moving from theory into the real world. Here's how the second month will unfold for you.


Week 1 -2: Deploying Prototypes and Gathering Feedback


The beginning of month two will be all about bringing your idea to life. Prelaunch Pilot will brainstorm and create the best prototype of your product. Together, you'll conduct test marketing, set up pop-ups, conduct taste tests ( if your business is in the food industry), or use other creative ways to gather initial feedback. Prepare to be exhilarated to see people interact with your creation, and the feedback we collect will be invaluable! You'll learn what resonates with your target audience and, importantly, what doesn't.


Week 3: Understanding Customer Usage and Requirements


Armed with initial feedback, you'll dive deeper into understanding how customers might use your product in their daily lives. Prelaunch Pilot's team will help you explore various use-case scenarios, widening your perspective on potential market opportunities. Together, you'll also delve into what requirements your users have for adopting your solution. This step will be crucial in fine-tuning your product to ensure it not only meets but exceeds customer expectations.


Week 4: Developing Your Position Statement and Value Proposition


The most challenging yet rewarding part of this month will be developing your position statement and value proposition. This won't just be about what your product does; it will be about what it means to your customers. With Prelaunch Pilot's guidance, you'll craft a statement that encapsulates the essence of your brand - what sets it apart, how it benefits users, and why it's a must-have. This process will help you not just understand but also believe in the value you're offering.


Throughout the month, Prelaunch Pilot's support will be instrumental in transforming your idea into a viable product with a compelling value proposition. The hands-on approach of testing and feedback will give you confidence in your product, while the strategic elements will help you position it effectively in the market.


This second month with Prelaunch Pilot won't just be about building a product; it will be about crafting a solution that has a clear, defined place in the market. As you move forward, you'll feel equipped and excited to introduce your product to a broader audience, confident in its potential to make a significant impact for you.

Month 3 Focus:
The Business Model And The Market Size

As you begin the third month of your journey you'll enter a crucial phase: Focusing on The Business Model and The Market Size. While your product may still be collecting preorders (or sales) from interest gained in the prior month, This month will be about transforming your product and ideas into a sustainable business. Here's how this critical stage will unfold for you.


Week 1: Determining Costs and Timeline for the Minimum Viable Product


The first step will be to break down the costs and timeline required to build and launch your minimum viable product (MVP). With Prelaunch Pilot's tools and expertise, you'll be able to itemize every expense, from material costs to labor, and map out a realistic timeline. This process will be eye-opening, as it will give you a clear understanding of the resources needed to bring your product to market.


Week 2: Pricing and Economic Value Articulation


Next, you'll tackle one of the most daunting tasks for any entrepreneur: pricing. Prelaunch Pilot will guide you through a comprehensive analysis to determine a price point that reflects the value of your product while remaining competitive in the market. You'll explore various pricing strategies and how they align with your target audience's expectations and the perceived value of the product.


Week 3: Developing the Business Model and Go-to-Market Strategy


With a clearer view of costs and pricing, it will be time to outline your business model and go-to-market strategy. This step will be about more than just how you'll make money; it will be about creating a sustainable, scalable business model. You'll examine different models and select one that best suits your product and market. Then, you'll craft a go-to-market strategy that lays out the roadmap for introducing your product to the market effectively.


Week 4: Quantifying the Market Size and Financial Metrics


The final part of this month will be dedicated to understanding and quantifying your market. This will involve researching the total market size, customer acquisition costs, customer lifetime value, and overall market potential. Prelaunch Pilot will use the tools and expertise to conduct this analysis, turning daunting data into actionable insights. This will not only help in fine-tuning your marketing strategy but also prove crucial in conversations with potential investors.


Month three with Prelaunch Pilot will be transformative. It will turn your product idea into a viable business, complete with a clear understanding of the financials, market, and strategy required for success. As you look ahead, you'll feel equipped with a robust business model and a strategic plan to enter the market, confident in the potential of your venture for you.

Month 4 Focus:
Raising Capital And "Future Proofing"

In the fourth month of your entrepreneurial journey with Prelaunch Pilot, the focus will shift to an exciting yet challenging aspect: Raising Capital and "Future Proofing" your business. This phase will be all about taking tangible steps towards securing funding and leveraging cutting-edge technology to ensure long-term success. Here's how this critical stage will unfold for you.


Week 1: Implementing Go-to-Market Strategy and Gathering Insights


The month will kick off with the implementation of the go-to-market strategy developed in the previous month. It will be thrilling to see your product finally reaching customers. But more importantly, this phase will be about collecting insights on its performance. Regular check-ins with your launch director will help you understand customer feedback, sales data, and market response. These insights will be invaluable in fine-tuning both your product and strategy.


Week 2: Crafting a Seed Round Pitch Deck and Capital Raise Plan


Next, it will be time to focus on funding. With Prelaunch Pilot's guidance, you will generate a compelling seed round pitch deck. This won't just be a presentation; it will be the narrative of your business, its value proposition, and its potential for success. Alongside this, you'll develop a capital raise plan outlining the funds needed, the use of these funds, and the projected return for investors. This process will give you newfound confidence in your ability to communicate your vision to potential investors.


Week 3: Exploring A.I. and Machine Learning Opportunities


One of the most forward-thinking aspects of this month will be exploring how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) could be applied to your business. Prelaunch Pilot won't just introduce you to these concepts; they will help you begin building basic models relevant to your business. This step won't just be about keeping up with technological trends; it will be about staying ahead and finding innovative ways to enhance your business.


Week 4: Developing a Long-Term Data Strategy for Custom AI and ML Models


Finally, you will lay the groundwork for a long-term data collection strategy. This will be about thinking ahead – collecting and analyzing data that will feed into custom AI and ML models in the future. This strategic move will be aimed at continuously improving your product and customer experience, ensuring that your business remains relevant and competitive.


Month four with Prelaunch Pilot will be a whirlwind of activity that will transform your startup from an early-stage venture to a business ready for investment and future growth. The skills and strategies you develop this month won't just prepare you for immediate challenges; they will set the foundation for sustainable success in the rapidly evolving business landscape for you.


Next Steps:


After an exhilarating four-month journey with Prelaunch Pilot, where you transformed your entrepreneurial vision into a tangible, market-ready business, you've reached a pivotal moment: planning for growth and scalability. This is where your Prelaunch Pilot launch director will present a comprehensive services plan, outlining the next steps for your business's development over the next 6 months to 1 year. Here's how this planning phase will shape your business's future.


Choosing the Right Service Model


The first decision will be choosing between a monthly cost or a percentage of sales for Prelaunch Pilot's continued services. This flexibility will allow you to align Prelaunch Pilot’s involvement with your business's financial model. Opting for a percentage of sales will resonate with your startup’s current stage, as it aligns Prelaunch Pilot's incentives with your sales growth. Alternatively, the monthly fee option will provide a predictable expense, which can be included as a line item in the cost of goods sold, a crucial aspect for financial planning.


Strategic Marketing Tactics


The plan laid out by your launch director will include a suite of strategic marketing tactics tailored to your business's unique market position and audience. This won't just be about running campaigns; it will be about building a brand presence that resonates with your target market, leveraging both digital and traditional marketing channels effectively. The focus will be on creating sustainable marketing strategies that drive both immediate sales and long-term brand loyalty.


Sales Plans for Scalable Growth


Another key component will be the sales plan, designed to scale your business. This plan will include actionable strategies to increase sales, from optimizing your sales funnel to exploring new market segments. The emphasis will be on creating a scalable sales model that can adapt and grow as your business does.


A Hiring Roadmap for Future Growth


Perhaps the most forward-thinking aspect of this plan will be the hiring roadmap. As your business grows, so will your team. The plan will outline key roles that you would need to consider filling in the future, from sales and marketing to operations. This roadmap will be a guide to structurally scaling your business, ensuring that as demand increases, your team's capabilities and capacity grow alongside it.


This services plan presented by Prelaunch Pilot at the end of month four won't just be a continuation of support; it will be a strategic blueprint for taking your business to the next level. It will provide clarity on the steps needed to grow and scale effectively, aligning Prelaunch Pilot’s expertise with your business's evolving needs. As you embark on this next phase, you'll feel equipped and confident, knowing that Prelaunch Pilot's guidance and support will continue to be a part of your entrepreneurial journey for you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Choose Prelaunch Pilot?


You've got the vision, the drive, and that burning desire to make it happen. But let’s be real, you still have to work a normal 9-5 job to pay the bills and support the family. You're also aware that the path to launching a successful business can be just as risky as it is exciting. You can't afford to waste time or money. That's where Prelaunch Pilot comes in – we're not simple business advisors, we're a done-for-you launch pad to help elevate your startup above the risk and financial turbulence that new companies often face, giving you the freedom to focus your time on what truly matters most—making your business idea better. Our focus is on the following:

Minimizing Risk and Steering Clear of the Pitfalls:


We've seen it all before – bright-eyed entrepreneurs jumping in too deep, too fast. It's why we're big on proof of concept. It's not the most glamorous part of starting up, but it's crucial. We’re all about making sure there's a hungry audience waiting for what you're serving. Think of it as test-driving your business before you hit the throttle. It’s about smart scaling – growing your business with the confidence that comes from real-world validation.

Customized for Your Needs:


Your entrepreneurial journey is unique, and a one-size-fits-all solution just won't do. That's why our services are as varied and dynamic as the entrepreneurs we serve. Whether you're tech-savvy or traditional, a disruptor or a steady grower, we tailor our services to align perfectly with your vision, your pace, and your personal brand of innovation.

Expert Guidance and Support:


Our team isn't just a group of consultants; our launch directors are industry veterans who've been in the trenches and helped businesses across a spectrum of industries reach their multimillion-dollar sales goals. With Prelaunch Pilot, you're not just getting advice; you're getting access to a team that works for you by applying our wealth of experience, repository of best practices, and a suite of tried and tested strategies that have consistently yielded results.

Financial Jump Start:


With our innovative grant program, Prelaunch Pilot provides a rare opportunity - a financial boost that's not a loan, not a debt, but a springboard that catapults your business forward. This grant, ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, is designed to alleviate the initial financial hurdles, giving your business the monetary muscle to flex its potential from day one

Reassurance for Your Success:


At Prelaunch Pilot, your success is the cornerstone of our business. We are dedicated to not just meeting but exceeding your expectations, providing unwavering support every step of the way. With our financial head start, expert guidance, risk minimization strategies, and personalized service, we are fully committed to helping you build a business that endures and excels. Let us be the catalyst to your entrepreneurial success story. With Prelaunch Pilot, your business dreams have never been in better hands.


How do you work with my busy schedule?


Our services are flexible and designed to integrate seamlessly with your work and family commitments. We bend so you don't break. Our services weave into your world, syncing with your 9-to-5 hustle and precious family moments.


What kinds of businesses can you help launch?


We support a wide range of industries, offering strategies tailored to each client's specific business idea. From cafes to tech start-ups, we're your strategic sidekick, ready to tailor a launch strategy for whatever business beats in your heart.


Will I have control over the business decisions?


Absolutely. You are the decision-maker; we provide tools, service, support, guidance, and expertise. We’re here to light the path, you will lead the parade.


How quickly can I transition from employee to entrepreneur?


The transition time varies based on your unique circumstances, but we focus on making it as efficient as possible. Your countdown to entrepreneurship can vary, but we're the pit crew that helps make your race to the finish line as smooth and speedy as possible.


Do I need a business idea before consulting with you?


Not necessarily. We can help refine your existing ideas or assist in brainstorming new ones.

What if I have no experience in running a business?


Our services include comprehensive guidance and support, making them ideal for both new and experienced entrepreneurs.


Can you assist with funding and investment advice?

While we don't provide funding, we offer advice on funding options and strategies to secure investment.

How involved are you in the day-to-day operations of the business?

In the beginning 3-4 months you should expect us to be heavily involved in the day-to-day activities to get your idea from a concept to a business. After this period our involvement will be based solely on your needs. We can offer extensive support and services or simply provide ongoing guidance.

Do you offer any guarantees for business success?

Guarantees in business are like unicorns, rare and a bit mythical. But we're seasoned navigators aiming to steer you clear of icebergs and into that successful harbor. Due to the nature of business, we can't offer guarantees, but our strategies are designed to maximize your chances of success.

Can Prelaunch Pilot assist with international business ventures?


Yes, we have experience in supporting both local and international business ventures.


What makes Prelaunch Pilot different from other business consulting services?


Our blend of personalized done-for-you services, our focus on busy professionals, and our passionate team of educated Launch Directors with MBA's and a genuine passion for seeing startups go from nothing to something makes us unique. We're not just consultants that charge you for advice and recommend solutions; we're your army for hire battling for your success.  


Are there any industries you don’t work with?


We are open to a variety of industries but can discuss any potential limitations during our consultation.


How do you protect my big ideas/ personal info? How does Prelaunch Pilot ensure confidentiality and privacy?


Confidentiality and privacy aren't just policies; they're our promises to you. We adhere to strict confidentiality agreements and privacy policies to protect your business ideas and personal information.


Can you help with legal and regulatory compliance?


Yes, part of our service includes guidance on legal and regulatory compliance relevant to your business.


What post-launch support do you offer?


We stick around for the long haul. We can provide ongoing mentorship, business growth strategies, and employee support to ensure the sustainability of your business.

What other companies have you helped start?


Since our inception in November 2023, we've embarked on a carefully curated journey with a select group of beta customers, each chosen for their unique business ideas, potential, and drive. We didn't set out to amass a vast portfolio overnight but rather to invest deeply in a handful of ventures, providing them with an unparalleled level of support and expertise. This exclusive group of early adopters is currently navigating through our comprehensive 4-month process, and the feedback has been nothing short of inspiring. The positive results we've seen are a testament to our rigorous, hands-on approach and have given us the confidence to accept more customers. We've seen concepts refined, market fits identified, and strategies executed with precision.

As we open our doors to the general public in January 2024, we carry forward this ethos of personalized, evidence-based support. Since we're a new service, our pricing is currently at a heavily reduced cost for the next 20 customers that we accept. We're also so confident in our results that we'll allow you to cancel at any time with no penalties should you ever feel that you're not satisfied with our service. You also get to keep all data generated and your idea is still strictly protected, will never be shared by us, and is fully owned by you. 

How does the Prelaunch Pilot grant give me a head start?


Eligible new clients can get a grant of $1,000 to $5,000, and think of it as a discount to kickstart our partnership. We hope to give you boost of our belief in your business and its founder(s).


Who can snag the Prelaunch Pilot grant?


If you're eager to embark on your business journey with us, you're in the running. We're looking for commitment, not just an idea.


Will the grant cover all my startup costs?


It's a hefty financial push, but total costs depend on the size and scope of your dreams. Consider it a significant piece of your startup puzzle.


Do I have to pay back the grant?


Nope, it's all yours. Consider the grant a "good luck" gift on your entrepreneurial path.


How do I get my hands on the grant?


Start with a free consultation, and we'll take you through the application step by step.

Begin Your Entrepreneurial Journey Today!


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