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Companies For Busy People Who Still Work Normal Jobs.

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You Bring The Idea | We Launch It From Scratch 


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Professional Business Launch Service

For Busy People with No Time to read 100's pages of Research, learn New Systems, or Manage various Freelancers when starting their new venture...

Prelaunch Pilot is a Service that can launch new business ideas For You while you Learn, Observe, and Manage the process. 

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Are You Dreaming of Starting Your Own Business But Time Just Isn't On Your Side?


We get it. You're juggling a demanding job, family responsibilities, and that persistent dream of running your own business. You're not alone. At Prelaunch Pilot, we specialize in transforming dreams like yours into thriving businesses - all without you having to sacrifice your current commitments.

Instead of just advising clients, we take your ideas, get hands-on, and do the heavy lifting to apply and execute proven business methodologies used to start several disruptive companies (some worth over $1 Billion)
 and still taught by the top business schools in the world.


Who We Are:

The inspiration behind our approach, which uses early proof of concept techniques similar to those employed by rapidly growing startups like DoorDash and Snapchat to avoid costly failures, is what drove our Founder, Robert Harrell (MBA), to develop the idea to build Prelaunch while attending the Launching a Startup Program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. It was there that he realized the value of providing busy people with hands-on expertise, instead of just capitalizing on providing advice.


Starting your successful venture is not just about having a great idea; it's about validating that idea in the market as early as possible and our service aims to do it for you using a bundle of 21 done-for-you tools and services.

Our mission is to help test, iterate, launch, and scale new ideas from anywhere in the world while leveling the competitive playing field between small and large corporations, and change the world by removing barriers to entry for anyone bold enough to dream big.

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You Own Your Idea.

You Own Your Data.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

Cancel Anytime.

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