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Imagine having a polished corporate executive with an MBA and a 10-person team knock on doors, make pitches, and bring you offers to consider you while you work on your next idea.

I’d Be honored To Represent You

Meet Robert Harrell, MBA
CEO – Prelaunch Pilot Inc.
Top 5% Sales Executive at 3 Publicly Traded Companies
Sold over $100 Million in Software and Services Sales
Graduated with an MBA From Georgia State University and Certificates from Stanford Graduate School of Business and MIT
25 Years of experience in Business Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Negotiation, and using Data Science-based (AI and Machine Learning) Models and Methodologies

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Here is how we can help each other:

You need an expert team to represent you to get your production ideas sold.


I have a passion for great stories, and I'm looking for innovative minds willing to work hard to bring their visions to the world.


My dedicated team and I want to handle the heavy lifting—finding, contacting and pitching to agents, lawyers, producers, studios, and investors on your behalf.


But here are two (not-so-secret) truths:

  • Most major studio decision-makers aren't creatives. They're driven by profit, not passion, and only care about scripts that promise financial success.

  • Less than 0.05% of registered scripts get made and released by major studios. The odds are stacked against you—unless you think outside the box and boost your chances.

Imagine how differently investors, producers, or major studios would view your project if you already had a built-in audience of 25,000+ engaged fans eager to see your work come to life.

Imagine confirming that those same fans are committed to paying for your project through streaming services or advance ticket purchases.

What if you were already generating revenue from YouTube ads, sponsorships, or merchandise sales before seeking a deal? You'd create a bidding war.

Investors crave proof of potential revenue—show them your idea can make money, and they'll be lining up to back you.

And that's where we come in…

If you already have 25,000+ active REAL fans (not bots or fake subscribers), email us now ( to schedule a conference to discuss how we can begin shopping your project…

But If You Don’t...

Then it's time to put the MACHINE behind you.




Got over 10,000 views in TWO weeks!

I started my page with less than 30 views and 3 followers, but within the first 2 weeks of our campaign, my channel had 600 subscribers and 10,000 views!

-    Simon J. (Animated Web Series)

The FAN FINDER Promotion Machine™ is an exclusive set of marketing and promotional services WE'VE designed to help you land your dream production deal offer in record time!

Gain immediate access to a professional 10-person team that uses polished templates, proven examples and does the work to SET-UP and LAUNCH targeted marketing services for you, giving your script the best chance to secure a life-changing TV or Film production offer.

How Many Of These Can You Say Yes To?

🌟 You've faced months of writing scripts, making short films, mailed them to agents and studios, got no offers, or countless rejections.

🌟 You're ready to escape a toxic work environment and land your dream job.

🌟 It's been years since you've started writing and making short films, and you're wondering how to break into the industry.

🌟Your IMDb page is lacking, and you're ready to give it a boost and professional refresh.

🌟You have a network of creative friends, but optimizing it and utilizing its full potential seems puzzling.

🌟You're experiencing a reduction in inspiration and seeking a boost to guide your next steps.

How Many Of These Can You Say Yes To_ .jpeg


3 months from now!


✔  You've landed a dream six or seven figure contract offer with an amazing production company or major studio.

✔  The producer or studio values and supports your vision and provides opportunities for career growth.

✔  You spend more time doing the things you love, all while maintaining a fulfilling personal life and quality moments with your family and friends.


The FAN FINDER Promotion Machine™

Proven strategies, insightful team members and elite promotional services to help land your ideal TV and Film production offer in record time.

You Can Spend Years Trying To Answer These Questions:

How can I prove that people will watch my productions before I spend too much money making them?

How do I get my ideas in front of audiences that only want to see my genre of film or TV?

How do I handle finding investors for my ideas?

Do I even need a big-time agent?

How should I optimize my network of friends to help us all land jobs in Film and TV?

What questions should I be prepared to answer if a major studio or producer wants to talk to me?

What questions should I ask if a major studio or producer wants to talk to me?

How do I follow up with a major studio or producer?

But seriously... who has time for that?

Here's exactly what's inside the FAN FINDER Promotion Machine™

This system is a monthly recurring services deployment broken down into 4 phases over 12 weeks.

Phase 1: We Build Your Irresistible Fan Capture Funnel (weeks 1-2)

Your script or short film idea is just one piece of the puzzle! Discover how to create a clear fan-capture funnel and compose eye-catching assets that get the crowd's attention.

Service Includes:

✔  Weekly progress updates from with your dedicated Launch Director

✔  A 28- Page Market Research Report

✔  A Built-For-You Fan Capture Funnel That Includes:

  • Designed Ads That Push To Your Landing Page

  • Designed Landing Page That Inspires Fan Interaction

  • Designed Upsell To Motivate More Fan Engagement on YouTube and Social Media

  • Email Campaign Set Up With Auto-responses

BONUS: A Data-Backed Business Report about WHY YOU SHOULD NOT WAIT until your script or film is finished BEFORE finding fans.

Prelaunch Pilot Phase 2.jpeg

Phase 2: We Separate The Fans From The Viewers (Weeks 3-6 )

We analyze and segment your audience so that you can turn people's interest into action. Then, we use catchy ads as bait and direct message templates as mini-sales presentations! Next, we help create an engaging backstory demonstrating how your new script or film solves the TV and Film industry's lack of good content problems and get fans to engage with your brand actively.

Service Includes:

✔  A 10-week content (posts) schedule designed to entice fans to comment, like, and share

✔  A Meta (Instagram & Facebook) Marketing Test Campaign Using Battle-Tested Templates

✔  A YouTube Marketing Test Campaign Using Battle-Tested Templates

✔  A TikTok Marketing Test Campaign Using Battle-Tested Templates

Prelaunchpilot Phase 3.jpeg

Phase 3: Develop Your Fan Boost Strategy (Weeks 7-10 )

Deploy word-of-mouth and other tactics to grab the attention of new potential fans. Then, tap into the hidden grassroots strategies that major companies use to make their brands appear popular BEFORE they ever release the products.

Service Includes:

✔  Message Re-targeting on high converting mediums

✔  Researched List of potential partners that align with the series' themes and audience interests (influencers, products, services, fan sites, and/or online communities)

✔  Outreach via email and social media, and follow up with phone calls to pitch and secure partnership opportunities.

✔  Negotiate partnership terms that are beneficial to both parties.

✔  PR Strategy - Draft and distribute compelling press releases and follow-up to media outlets.

Phase 4 Prelaunchpilot.jpeg

Phase 4: Show Me The Money! - Preparation To Pitch Potential Producers, Investors, and Major Studios (weeks 9-12)

It's Time to Start Pitching! We'll leverage viewership data and market response to present a compelling case for the series' potential success to major outlets.

Service Includes:

✔  Our MBA-educated Agents Prepare a pitch deck highlighting the series' strengths, audience data, and market potential.

✔  We Do Outreach via phone, email, social media, virtual, or in-person to attempt to schedule meetings with decision-makers at production companies, Networks/Studios, streaming services, and/or investors for one month.

✔  We negotiate any presented offer terms and deal frameworks to provide you and your attorney for consideration and contracting.

We Can’t Forget About These Stress-Free Essentials

unnamed (2).png

Cancel Anytime!


We Don’t Share Your Data


We Don’t Accept All Clients

Right NOW is the best time to grab the FAN FINDER Promotion Machine™!

The FAN FINDER Promotion Machine™ contains all the critical pieces to help you impress studio execs and land your next production deal in record time!

the FAN FINDER Promotion Machine™ cop(small).jpg

TOTAL VALUE = $10,000
( per month for 3 months= $30,000)

( per month for 3 months)

( per month for 3 months)

Special Offer ONLY Available For The First 25 Clients Who Sign Up Before July 15


Payment 1 will be $2,500 (after $500 rebate)

Wondering if this really works? Check out the FAQ’s below and then schedule a free 15 -Minute call with one of our agents.


  • Why Choose Prelaunch Pilot?
    You've got the vision, the drive, and that burning desire to make it happen. But let's be real, you likely still have to work a normal 9-5 job to pay the bills and possibly support the family. You're also aware that the path to launching a successful movie or TV series can be just as risky as it is exciting. You can't afford to waste time or money. That's where Prelaunch Pilot comes in – we're not simple business advisors, we're a done-for-you launch pad to help elevate your career above the risk and financial turbulence that new directors, producers, and screenplay writers often face, giving you the freedom to focus your time on what truly matters: Being creative! Our focus is on the following: Minimizing Risk and Steering Clear of the Pitfalls: We've seen it all before – bright-eyed script writers, new directors, green producers jumping in too deep, too fast. It's why we're big on proof of concept. We want to ensure that your idea can capture people's attention before you spend too much money on it. It's not the glamorous part of starting up, but it's crucial. We're all about ensuring a hungry audience is waiting for what you're serving. Think of it as test-driving your movie script or series idea before you hit the throttle. It's about smart scaling – growing your audience with the confidence that comes from real-world validation. Customized for Your Needs: Your journey is unique, and a one-size-fits-all solution just won't do. That's why our services are as varied and dynamic as the artists and creatives we serve. Whether you're a tech-savvy animator or a traditional, disruptive director, or creative scene writer, we tailor our services to align perfectly with your vision, your pace, and your personal brand of entertainment and innovation. Expert Guidance and Support: Our team isn't just a group of consultants; our launch agents are educated business veterans who've been in the trenches and helped businesses across various industries reach their multimillion-dollar sales goals. With Prelaunch Pilot, you're not just getting advice; you're getting access to a team that works for you by applying our wealth of experience, repositoryof best practices and templates, and suite of tried-and-tested strategies that have consistently yielded results. Reassurance for Your Success: At Prelaunch Pilot, your success is the cornerstone of our business. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations, providing unwavering support every step of the way. With our passion for new entertainment, expert guidance, risk minimization strategies, and personalized service, we are fully committed to helping you build an audience that endures and grows with you. Let us be the catalyst to your entertainment success story. With Prelaunch Pilot, your ideas have never been in better hands.
  • How do you work with my busy schedule?
    Our services are flexible and designed to integrate seamlessly with your work and family commitments. We bend so you don't break. Our meetings are once per week and our services weave into your world, syncing with your 9-to-5 hustle and precious family moments.
  • What kinds of movie and tv ideas can you help launch?
    We support a wide range of genres, offering strategies tailored to each client's specific idea. We don't work on anything that is pornographic, illegal or racially insensitive.
  • Will I have control over the creative decisions?
    Absolutely. You are the decision-maker; we provide tools, services, support, guidance, and expertise. We're here to light the path, you will lead the parade.
  • How quickly can I transition from aspiring producer to getting a deal with a major studio?
    The transition time varies based on your unique circumstances. Still, we focus on making getting pitched and picked up by an investor or major producer as easy and efficient as possible. Your countdown to professional success can vary, but we're the pit crew that helps make your race to the finish line as smooth and speedy as possible. We do not guarantee that audiences will like your ideas, nor can we promise that you will get a major contract. We will deploy the tactics to present your ideas and measure the market response at each phase. If you don't get a significant response, we will advise you to make changes or consider pausing your monthly services to refine your idea before spending money on ideas that don't perform well.
  • Do I need my script to be already filmed, either as a short film or as taped episodes before working with Prelaunch Pilot?
    NO. While it is always great to come with as much completed material as possible, it is not a requirement. We've gotten great audience responses from just script ideas. People love to see ideas early in raw form and you'll be surprised at how many people will connect and stay with your brand if they were among the first to see what you're working on. We can help refine and develop your existing ideas or assist in brainstorming new ones.
  • What if I have no experience in filming a movie or script?
    Our services include comprehensive guidance and support. We can recommend experienced professionals or connect you with other clients who are experienced in the skills you lack, making Prelaunch Pilot ideal for both new and experienced TV, film, and creative individuals.
  • Can you assist with funding and investment advice?
    Yes, We offer advice on funding options and strategies to secure investment. Also, part of our service includes our professional team creating a pitch deck to present to major studios, producers and investors. There will be a specific funding request for their consideration in that pitch deck.
  • How involved are you in the day-to-day operations of the marketing process?
    In the next 3-4 months, you should expect us to be heavily involved in the day-to-day activities pushing to get your idea loved by a nice-sized audience that will attract major investment. After this period, we will make you an offer to officially become a represented client of our firm, where our long-term involvement will be based on shopping your project to major studios, producers, agents, lawyers, and anyone else who can get your career to the next level. But should you decide you don't want to sign with us, we'll give you the option for Prelaunch Pilot to continue providing extensive support and services or provide ongoing guidance.
  • Do you offer any guarantees for business success?
    Guarantees in business are like unicorns: rare and a bit mythical. But we're seasoned navigators aiming to steer you clear of icebergs and into that successful harbor. Due to the nature of business, we can't offer guarantees, but our strategies are designed to maximize your chances of success.
  • What makes Prelaunch Pilot different from other business consulting services?
    Most seasoned agents or managers are just people who leverage their network relationships in the industry to serve the few people with new ideas that they pick and choose to work with. We are an incubator launching new ideas and allowing fans to decide what they want to see instead of just consuming what the majors release. Our blend of personalizeddone-for-youservices, our focus on busy professionals, and our passionate team of educated Launch Agents with MBA's and a genuine passion for seeing ideas go from nothing to something makes us unique. We're not just agents or managers or coachesthat chargeyou for advice and recommend solutions; we're your army for hire battling for your success.
  • Are there any genres you don't work with?
    We don't work on anything that is pornographic, illegal, racially, or religiously insensitive.
  • How do you protect my big ideas/ personal info? How does Prelaunch Pilot ensure confidentiality and privacy?
    Confidentiality and privacy aren't just policies; they're our promises to you. We adhere to strict confidentiality agreements and privacy policies to protect your ideas and personal information.
  • Can you help with legal and regulatory compliance?
    No, we aren't attorneys. However, part of our service includes guidance on selecting an established legal team to provide regulatory compliance relevant to your business.
  • What post-launch support do you offer?
    We stick around for the long haul. We can't guarantee that we will land the best offer from an investor, producer, or studio within three months, so we can provide ongoing services to shop your script, series, or film idea to the majors for up to one year. We can also provide ongoing mentorship and audience growth strategies to ensure the sustainability of your business.
  • What other scripts, movies or series have you helped start?
    Since our shift in 2024 from working with multiple industries to focusing on motion pictures and creative thinkers, we've embarked on a carefully curated journey with a select group of beta customers, each chosen for their unique entertainment ideas, potential, and drive. We didn't set out to amass a large portfolio of clients overnight but rather to invest deeply in a handful of people, providing them with an unparalleled level of support and expertise. This exclusive group of early clients are currently navigating through our comprehensive 4-Phase process, and the feedback has been nothing short of inspiring. Our positive results are a testament to our rigorous, hands-on approach, which has given us the confidence to accept more customers. We've seen concepts refined, new fans identified, and strategies executed with precision. As we open our doors to the general public in June of 2024, we carry forward this ethos of personalized, evidence-based support. Since we're a new service, our pricing is currently heavily reduced for the next 25 customers we accept. We're also so confident in our results that we'll allow you to cancel at any time with no penalties should you ever feel that you're not satisfied with our service. You also get to keep all data generated and your idea is still strictly protected, will never be shared by us, and is fully owned by you.
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